Hoofdweg 663 – De Driehoek

De Driehoek

An Amsterdamse School (of Architecture) classic, is how best to first describe this wonderful family home.

Designed and constructed in 1933 by architectural engineer C. A. Van Damme, this wonderful property keeps its original form for being almost 100 years old. Details built into this house are still visible (such as the triangle windows) and capture the mood of the time.

Located but 15km from Amsterdam, the house stands proudly on the corner of a once prosperous family business in the merchandize of grains. It has since been sub- divided to provide its own boundaries. The street itself follows a small canal, the Hoofdvaart, which runs to Lijnden.

The new sub-divisions have created three separate properties, though the principal merchants house retains most of the original gardens and land. The surface-area of the garden is quite large and could easily accommodate for many creative changes. The garden wraps itself around the property, surrounding it in green, with front, side and rear garden, connected; The side garden is also a land buffer for noise control, created by the city council. This will always remain, ensuring privacy and protection.

Stepping through the original front-door, you step into the vestibule which still offers the original ceiling height and granite floors. Previous owners have tried to cover this, which was the rule of thumb throughout the previous decades. Hide everything that was old and unfashionable!

The home gives generous proportions throughout and as you walk from the entry, it becomes evident what and how the original design was, and where later residents have had their way. This home is an amazing canvas with which to play.

The ground floor includes two large communal rooms all with their original hardwood floors, though subsequent owners have imparted their own sense of style into the design. Such items can be removed to allow the next family to return the house to its original form. Sunlight screams through the front bay-window into the rooms and continues throughout most of the day due to its South-East facing.

The home also offers ample cellar space, accessed via various entrance. Below the stairs is the main cellar compartment, though ample additional spaces are located below a large hatch in the main living space.

Heading upstairs, you will pass one of two original stained-glass windows; the second used as the window for the ground floor toilet. Upon reaching the top, you will notice that the balustrade is relatively short compared to today’s standard, though these are original panels

and stairs. As are all the doors throughout, which can be returned their former glory. The previous owners had had them all paneled up, again a victim of previous tastes.

Two large bedrooms and one smaller room are laid out on this floor, with a second bathroom to the rear. Leading out through the back, yet more space can be built or developed, such as in a summer sitting area overlooking the rear garden.

Climbing further to the top floor gives enough space for one large living space, or two smaller bedrooms, though which ever you decide, they get to claim the two triangle windows as theirs! Such whimsical design is so fun to look at, and almost non-existent these days in contemporary design.

Heading out the rear door to the garden, its large proportions are evident. Immediately to your left, is the current access to the original well, which is still accessible! The garden’s lush lawn, framed by a newly built wooden verandah, which was created by the previous owner, allow the space to be used in all weather. Additionally, added behind the verandah, an expansive glass conservatory also has been built, giving all future residents the chance to start their orchid garden!

This property has oodles of possibilities for its new owners, is it you?

Text: Simon Andrew

Photography & Interior Design Visuals: Marie-José van den Ende

Visuals: VKV Visuals, Machteld van Ketwich Verschuur


Asking Price

Type of Property

Detached with large garden
Architectural Type
Amsterdamse School
Year of Build
Well preserved
Roof Tile roof with tiles
Surfaces and Volume
Available Living Space
185 m²
Number of Rooms
Number of Bedrooms 5
Number of Bathrooms
Total number of Floors
Heating Central
Roof Terrace 
22 m²
Surrounding Garden 580 m²
Cadastral Data
Cadastral Designation
Haarlemmermeer C 5885
4°41′42.5′′E – 52°18′28.8′′N
Owner situation
Owned Ground
Monumental Existing
Cadastral size 700 M2
South-East (Garden facing South-West)
Location Hoofddorp, North-Holland
Parking situation
Public parking, Parking on own ground








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