“Through Different Eyes”


It is a feeling that enfolds you, that sense of being home. It might be in a certain city, on a special street, with an old friend. It could be in a room filled with memories, curled up on a favorite couch. It could be somewhere you have never been before. It is not a feeling easily described, but you always know it when it comes.


At Brinkman Fine Real Estate, our core belief  is that a house is not merely a house. Each house is an individual. It is a story. A history. A piece of art. And a home.


In sales, we look beyond the market value, looking as well at the historical and architectural significance of the home. In addition, we explore and help our clients visualise the possibilities of the house by creating interiors that will bring it to its best. With this unique approach, we optimise the value of every property — from small apartments to larger villas, mansions, and estates.


When purchasing, we work in the same expert manner. Based on your wishes, we will locate the unique space — the home — most suited to your wishes and your needs. And at every stage of the purchasing process, we stand by to support you as your partner and guide, to ensure you find the home that is your home.


Please contact us if we can be of any help. You can find us at:

Singel 60,
1015 AB Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

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