The Team

Anne Paul Brinkman
A broker with a distinct vision on aesthetics and real estate

In the spring of 2018, I launched Brinkman Fine Real Estate, an agency specialised in buying and selling historical houses. I believe it is essential to provide expert advice to clients about a monumental building. That’s why I put together a team of experts in different disciplines. Together we help our clients with various other items such as architecture, materials used, or interior design. The team creates synergy and offers the client expertise that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

I opened my first antique shop when I was 15, inspired by my parents and grandparents who were antique dealers in Groningen. In 1986 I moved to New York, where I opened two antique shops. When I returned to the Netherlands in 1991, I focussed more on interior and architectural design. I restored and designed homes and chateaux worldwide. My goal is to create environments in which furnishings, adornments, art objects, and the course of daily life interact to compose a harmonious and unique whole.

I’ve always had a passion for art, architecture, and interior design. I started the agency with the aim to combine this to help others find a place they can call home. Our slogan Through Different Eyes really suits our brand well. The more you know about a building, the more interesting it gets. To me, a house is a piece of art with a particular story. That’s why we always conduct extensive research and look for the stories behind a building. We believe that a house is never just a house. It is a work of art. It is a home with a story.


2018 – Present: Brinkman Fine Real Estate, Amsterdam | founder, director

2003 – Present: Brinkman Collections, Amsterdam | founder, director

1991 – 2004: Brinkman Fine Arts & Interior design, Amsterdam | founder, director

1987 – 1991: Brinkman Galleries Inc., New York | founder, director

A passionate real estate broker with a psychological approach

I’ve been in the real estate business for 40 years. I would like to say I know most things about legal and financial aspects, risks, and special conditions. Over the years, I have been involved in the sale of more than 2000 private homes

I began working in real estate in 1980. In 1993 I formed my own real estate agency with a passion for quality and a focus on luxurious homes. I was serving high-net-worth clients, international corporations, and real estate developers in the Netherlands and Spain. Today, I prefer to work with historic properties of character and style.

Real estate runs through my veins. I love to make matches that are the best for my clients. That’s a matter of experience, but everything I learned during my study at the Institute of Applied Integral Psychology comes in handy. It enables me to be able to advise my clients in a professional and personal manner.


2019 - present: De Bie Vastgoed Consultancy

2018 – 2019: Coldwell Banker Nederland, Haarlem | Broker / Makelaar

2014 – 2016:, Haarlem | Estate agent

1992 – 2011: De Bie Makelaardij | Real Estate Broker, founder and owner



Captures the soul of a home through visual interior design and photography

I create everything that is visual for Brinkman Fine Real Estate. I design visual interiors that show what a house that is for sale might look from the inside. In my work I combine my own creative vision with the eclectic and cosmopolitan style of Brinkman Fine Real Estate. The result is a collection of inspiring visuals in 3D that we use in advertisements, booklets and for online promotion. I am also a photographer and I try to capture the charm and beauty of a house. I photograph the spaces from the right angles by following the sun. I also like to shoot during sunset, to give a complete idea of ​​what it's like to live in that house.

I am a creative person and always work on different projects. After 10 years as a buyer and brand manager in menswear and working with brands like Polo Ralph Lauren and Boss, I wanted to follow my other passion and I finished the Photo Academy in Amsterdam and started working as a photographer. I specialize in portrait photography, architecture and also make autonomous work. I am also the founder of Shake it Baby, a brand that makes bold, distinctive snowballs that are sold in the most beautiful concept stores around the world.

As a photographer I try to capture the personality and soul of the person in front of my camera. I feel like an old building has personality too. The character and beauty of a monumental house, that is what I try to capture in my photos and 3D visuals for Brinkman Fine Real Estate. The houses in the estate agency's portfolio differ in size and price, but all have a distinct character. There seems to be a story in every corner and behind every door, which is what makes it so fascinating to me.


2020 - present: Marie-José van den Ende Creative Consultancy and Photography
2015 - present: Shake it Baby | Founder and owner
2007 - 2019: Marie-José van den Ende Photography | Founder and owner
1994 - 2002: Deco Brand and Retail Management | Buyer and brand manager
1990 - 1994: Interface Fashion | Copper


A creative Australian who fell in love with the Amsterdam architecture

I joined Brinkman Fine Real Estate in early 2018. My key role is as an office manager, helping the company with a wide range of things, including ICT, streamlining processes and most importantly, communications. As a native English speaker, I help ensure that our business branding maintains a cohesive flow via correspondence, website, marketing campaigns, all whilst ensuring our clients and contacts are kept abreast of our latest listings and stories via our ‘Through Different Eyes’, our in-house journal. Communication and transparency are key for me to offer our clients the experience and results they desire and deserve.

I began my career in Australia working in international logistics. In 2004 I moved to Brussels, where I have been working in global events, administration, and marketing. After 7 years I moved to Amsterdam, where I fell in love with the architecture and design that surrounded me daily. I started running tours through Amsterdam Oud Zuid and opened my own business, offering personalised in-house dining experiences.

I’ve always had a passion for art, architecture, and interior design. I’m especially inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement, Australian Impressionism in the early 20th century, and Amsterdamse School architecture. It is a privilege to work with a team of experts dedicated to historic mansions and monumental architecture. Working for Brinkman Fine Real Estate refined my appreciation of what makes an interior a truly living space.


2018 – present: Waiting for the Metro, Amsterdam | Founder and owner

2012 – 2014: WYSE Travel Confederation, Amsterdam | Marketing Associate

2005 – 2010: AmCham Belgium, Brussels | Membership Coordinator

Dr. Pieter F. Vlaardingerbroek
An architectural historian who is fascinated by the stories behind old buildings

I got involved with Brinkman Fine Real Estate when Anne Paul approached me after reading a book I wrote about the ring of canals in Amsterdam. My contribution to the team as an architectural historian could be described as translating the monumental importance and beauty of a building into comprehensible stories. I explain what makes a house special, how it fits in the architectural timeframe, what elements of the building are unique, or why the architecture is outstanding.

I am working for the City of Amsterdam as an architectural historian since 2008. I am writing historical assessments of houses in the canal ring and of main monuments from the seventeenth and eighteenth century. I make proposals for listing buildings on the Amsterdam register of historic buildings, give tours, organise exhibitions, give lectures and write books and articles. Since 2015 I am also teaching Architectural History at the Utrecht University.

I am specialised in analysing the architecture of old buildings. Canalside houses in Amsterdam from around the seventeenth century especially fascinate me. I like to dive deep into the history of a building and find out who was the architect, what people have been living here, what is the story of the house? Even traces of use can tell us a lot; it gives a human feel to a building. I try to offer a different perspective. People tend to appreciate a house much more if they understand the architectural background, just like a painting gets more interesting once you know the story behind the work.


2015 – Present: Utrecht University | Lecturer in Architectural History and Conservation

2008 – Present: City of Amsterdam | Architectural Historian

2001 – Present: Freelance Architectural Historian