ELLE Decoration special: Canal House Issue #2, December 2018, ‘Higher Ground’.

Featured in ELLE Decoration special: Canal House Issue #2, December 2018, ‘Higher Ground’. ELLE Decoration spoke to Anne Paul Brinkman about the beauty and value of such properties in Amsterdam, in particular the hidden chapel on the Amstel which Brinkman Fine Real Estate had listed, which recently sold. Photographer    Kasta Gatkowska    Styling    Lisa van der Klok    Text    Lorraine Dunkley Featured Artists ‘Granida’, Girl with the Pommegranate  –  Marie-José van den Ende ‘Hand’ and ‘Woman Reclining’  –  Coen Schilt (1907-1990) ELLE Decoration – Canal Issue, Deze speciale uitgave van ELLE Decoration is een ode aan de Amsterdamse grachtenhuizen en haar geheime, vaak verrassend moderne interieurs.  

Quote, Nederland 18 September 2018

Featured in Quote, the Netherlands, 18 September 2018, ‘Ongewoon Wonen’.     English Translation Unusual Living Stylish Survival Sites like Funda show the interior tragedy that is occurring in many Dutch houses. The unconvincing image of the Amsterdam apartments over a million and from expats, must also make the hands of interior designers feel itchy. A good atmosphere and an original, individual style do not hide in golden faucets, giant built-in kitchens and an overkill of pricey design furniture. Clever combinations, creative use of color and the art of omission are often more essential elements to give a house its own face. At the end of the nineties, antiquarian-connoisseur-decorator Anne Paul Brinkman was the king of refined taste, the man by whom you had to build your house, transform or decorate. His canal house on Amsterdam’s Keizersgracht reflected a Holland allure. The different spaces were clearly the eclectic work of someone who places as much value on art as on the right plinth, doorknob and upholstery. Thanks to his timeless vision, many …

Harper’s Bazaar, 13 July 2018

Featured in Harper’s Bazaar Nederland 13 July 2018, ‘With all the heavenly frills’. Harper’s Bazaar assembles photographers, artists, designers and writers to deliver perspectives into the world of fashion, beauty and popular culture on a monthly basis. Original text; Author: Dr. Pieter Vlaardingerbroek and photographer Marie-José van den Ende.   >>Read Article