Oorgat 92, Edam – ‘HET OARE GAT’

‘Het Oare Gat’ – Oorgat 92, Edam, The Netherlands.

In 1357, Count William V granted city rights to Edam. What initially seemed an act of goodwill was, in fact, a strategic move in the power struggle between comital authority and urban regents during the Hook and Cod wars. The Hook and Cod wars comprise a series of wars and battles in the County of Holland between 1350 and 1490. Most of these wars were fought over the title of count of Holland, but some have argued that the underlying reason was because of the power struggle of the bourgeois in the cities against the ruling nobility.

For the citizens of Edam, this meant greater legal certainty, as the bailiff and aldermen could now administer justice themselves, a process then known as ‘dingen,’ from which our current term ‘kort geding’ (summary proceedings) is derived.

The acquired city rights brought privileges that bestowed prosperity upon the population of Edam and contributed to the economic flourishing of the city. In the following centuries, the fortified town of Edam continued to grow steadily in prominence, partly due to shipbuilding. Around 1560, the city boasted 28 yards where Carvels and Buizen were constructed for merchant shipping and herring fishing on the open sea.

The success of Edam was manifested in the opulence of its 17th and early 18th-century architecture within the old fortress. A notable example of this is the town hall, built by Jacob Jongh in 1737 on the Dam Square. This building was given the appearance of a city palace in the Louis XIV style, which greatly appealed to the Edam elite: grandiose, symmetrical, and elevated above the ordinary.

At that time, Louis XV, the great-grandson of the Sun King, ruled at the French court. The French Baroque and Louis XIV style dominated European culture, and so too in the distinguished fortified city of Edam. The new town hall was constructed entirely in this style to exude grandeur and authority. Today, this stately building is still used for weddings and also serves as an annex of the Edam Museum.

With the city rights, Edam also received permission to dig a new harbour leading to the sea. Through the Voorhaven and ‘Het Oare Gat’ (Oorgat), ships could now sail directly to the Zuiderzee, then a sea arm of the North Sea, without the detour via the Purmermeer.

The rich history of the city of Edam in the Netherlands is closely connected with the historical phenomenon of Oorgat. The name is derived from the Dutch words “oore,” meaning “shore,” and “gat,” meaning “passage” or “opening.”

The Oorgat of Edam is no longer to be found in its original form, as the Zuiderzee has been reclaimed over time and transformed into the IJsselmeer. Nevertheless, the name “Oorgat” reminds us of Edam’s maritime past and the significant role the city played in Dutch trade and shipping.

Edam’s maritime heritage also continues in more modern architecture. Today, at Oorgat 92, there stands a nearly energy-neutral house with an A+++ energy label, inspired by the classic Dyke Houses originally built along the Oorgat and often inhabited by seafarers.

Due to their location on elevated ground, Dyke Houses offered protection against high water, making them ideal for water-rich areas. In the case of Oorgat 92, the elevated position creates an intriguing dimensional play, which has been optimally utilized to create space.

The dimensional character of this family house, covering over 250 square metres on a plot of 580 square metres, provides an experience of light and space. The house was completed in 2018 and partially constructed with reused bricks from the original Dyke House on the site. High-quality materials were used, with full insulation, a heat pump, and and 39 solar panels. Underfloor heating is present on all floors.

At street level are the entrance and a guest apartment with a separate entrance. Below that is the living kitchen. The kitchen has a direct open connection to the gardens and terraces behind it, thanks to the presence of large glass doors.

Behind the kitchen is the former barn with a loft-like character, connected to the front house by a glass wall and with its own entrance. This space can be used as a separate guest house. It has its own entrance, bedroom, bathroom, and access to the rear veranda.

On the first floor are the sitting room with a panoramic window and a view over the lands surrounding Edam. A historical landscape with old willows and compact parceling. Above that are the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, two additional study or bedrooms, and a bathroom.

Around Het Oare Gat is a large garden facing southwest, with fruit trees, mature planting, and a beautiful Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum). A pleasant garden of 335 square metres in the centre of the centuries-old fortified town of Edam.

Edam is located less than 27 kilometres from the centre of Amsterdam. The harbour of Edam is within walking distance of the house, with direct access to the Markermeer, ideal for sailors, surfers, and nature lovers.


  • Year of construction: 2018
  • NEN-2580 usable area for living: 250 square metres
  • Plot area: 580 square metres
  • Energy label: A+++
  • Gross volume: 1995 cubic metres
  • Number of bedrooms: 5
  • Number of bathrooms: 4
  • Dual occupancy possible: Yes


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[3] Vereniging Oud Edam

Text composition & translations: Joep Hoogerwerf
Photography, visual & clay model: Gloria Palmer


Asking Price
€ 1.275.000
For Sale


Detached Energy-Efficient Dyke House
Protected Village or Townscape
Building Year 
Architectural Style 
Dyke House
Condition Excellent
Volume and Spaces
Plot and Gardens 
580 M2 (335 M2 Back Garden)
Net Floor Area (NEN2580)
250 M2
Gross Volume Residential Function  928 M2
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Bathrooms
Total Number of Rooms  10
Floors 3 + Cellar & Attic
Wine cellar / Storage cellar / Attic
External Wood / Garden Shed
Kitchen Terrace
34 M2
Cadastral Indication 
Edam B 0385 (One of 2) 
Full Ownership
Heritage Status  State-Protected Village View
Coordinates BG: 52.5131112.  LG: 5.0585707.
BAG identification
South, East West
Location  Edam, North-Holland, The Netherlands.
Parking Possibilities
Free Parking



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